Academic Information

Academic Information

Academic Information

Academic Calendar

United Westminster University operates on the semester basis. A school year consists of two semesters of sixteen weeks each.


New students, including transfer students, are to meet at the time and place indicated in their enrollment instructions.

Units of Credit

The unit of credit is the semester hour. A semester hour consists of one 55-minute class session per week. Sixteen semester hours is a normal academic load per semester.


Registration Procedure

All new students register for semester classes on the first day of each semester. Classes are attended during the first week on the basis of registered program.  Final registration is held on the Friday of the first week of each semester.

Late Registration

Students may enroll in a course during the second and third weeks of a semester only when the written consent of the individual faculty member involved. Enrollments will not be allowed after the end of the third week of the semester.

Academic Advising

Each student enrolled at United Westminster University will be assigned an advisor who will assist in clarifying educational goals, scheduling of classes, and orientation to life at United Westminster University.


Class Eligibility

Before enrolling in any course the student is responsible to ensure all prerequisite courses or requirements have been fulfilled. A student is permitted to take courses below, and one level above, his academic standing.

Petitioning for Graduation

Students wishing to graduate at the end of the spring semester must submit “an Application for Degree” to the Registrar’s Office the preceding spring semester

Change in Registration

A student may add or drop courses by filing a properly completed Change of Course Form in the Registrar’s office. A change of course fee is charged of each change.


New courses may not be added after the second Friday of any given semester.


Withdrawal from Studies

For a variety of reasons, such as personal, financial, academic, or vocational, a student may choose to withdraw from studies at the University. The student is re­quested to contact the registrar to discuss formal withdrawal. The failure of a student to remain registered as a full-time or part-time student will be consid­ered an act of withdrawal. Should a student desire later to resume studies after having withdrawn, she/he must reapply for admission to the seminary.

Students who withdraw and who are holding scholarships, loans, or other in­debtedness related to their tenure as seminary students are required to contact the director of financial aid concerning their responsibility for meeting repay­ment obligations.



Grievance Procedure

If a dispute involving a final grade occurs, the student and the faculty member should try to resolve their differences through a private conference.  Should such efforts fail, the student may initiate a grievance by submitting a written appeal to the Academic Dean.

Grading System

The cumulative grade point average (GPA) is computed by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of credits attempted, based on United Westminster University guidelines and transferable course work. The United Westminster University grade point average is computed by dividing total number of grade points earned by the total number of credits attempted, based on United Westminster University course work.

The following grades are used in calculating grade point averages:

Levels of Absence

Any student who wishes to interrupt the formal academic program at United Westminster University for a period of time may apply to the Registrar’s Office for a leave of absence. In granting a leave of absence, the University recognizes the need of the student to interrupt formal academic work for a period of time. The particular reasons that make such an interruption desirable and the length of time of a leave vary from one instance to another. United Westminster University policy is designed to meet these varying needs and to provide the opportunity for a student to discuss with a representative of United Westminster University his or her plans for the leave and later, the extent to which goals and needs have been met by the leave. Requests for a leave of absence for a given semester should normally be made before the end of the preceding semester. Except in special circumstances, leaves will not be granted after Aug 30 for the fall semester and Feb 7 for the spring semester.


Part-time Study and Time Limitation

The programs of study leading to the B.Th. and M.Div. degrees are designated to be completed in 8 semesters and 6 semesters of full-time study respectively and the administration strongly urges the students at matriculation to maintain their full-time status.  Although a presidential permission may be, and must be, granted to those who, under such circumstances as ill-health or extraordinary family problems, can no longer meet this recommendation, students should not expect to pursue any substantial portion of the curriculum by part-time study. The core course, and many others that are essential for a balanced and integrated program, meet through the week, and appropriate substitutes are ordinary unavailable. 

Transfer of Credits

Credit for work done in other institutions of recognized standing will be transferred at full value where, and only where, such work parallels courses offered by United Westminster University.

Students seeking transfer into United Westminster University are required to submit the following credentials.

  • Official transcript of the school or seminary from which the student is transferring, in addition to any academic transcripts since high school, when applicable.
  • A statement of the transferee’s Christian faith, vocational objectives and reasons for seeking transfer into the University;
  • A letter of recommendation from the transferee’s pastor;
  • A letter of recommendation from the transferee’s former academic advisor.
  • A medical examination certificate.

The exact and final decision on all matters of the transfer of students and the transfer of credits rest with the Executive Faculty Committee. The committee may grant transfer admission on the basis of these credentials alone, or may request the applicant to submit additional materials and/ or schedule an interview with a representative of the school.

In order to qualify for a degree at United Westminster University, all transfer students must successfully complete at least two semesters of course work in the desired program at United Westminster University.





Probation and Dismissal during Program of Studies

A student is placed on academic probation at the conclusion of any semester in which the student’s cumulative grade average falls below the required grade point average for his/her program and remains on probation as long as the cumulative average remains under that which is required. The minimum cumulative grade point average for the Master of Divinity degree candidates is “B” (3.0 GPA); for the Bachelor Theology candidates, “C” (2.0 GPA).


Students who fail to raise their cumulative average to the required level or higher by the end of two semesters on academic probation, or who at least fail to make a substantial reduction in grade point deficiencies while on probation, will be academically dismissed from the institution.


The Executive Faculty Committee will consider application for readmission to the Seminary after academic dismissal only if reasonable grounds are given for an expectation that the student can remove grade point deficiencies within one semester.


  • students who did not complete the degree program requirements within the maximum granted period of time.
  • individual whose personal conduct was proven to be inappropriate and destructive to the Christian life.

Graduation Requirement

The requirements for graduation at United Westminster University are based on the philosophy of education subscribed to by the Board, Administration, and Faculty. To ensure competence within an academic program, basic degree requirements are made for all students.

  1. A.        120 hours requirements
  2. A.         66 hours requirements
  3. Div.       96 hours requirements
  4. Min.       54 hours requirements
  1. United Westminster University administers a comprehensive Bible content examination to all students who have completed two years of study at United Westminster University. By passing the examination, the student has completed the obligation to demonstrate a working knowledge of biblical content. If the examination is failed, it is to be retaken as many times as necessary. Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in Theology and the Master of Divinity degrees must pass the examination with a score of eighty (70) percent or above in order to continue their respective degree programs.
  2. Evidence of Christian life and character during attendance at the University; for whichever vocation the student is preparing, one is expected to give evidence of a consistent Christian testimony, a concern for others, and sincere commitment to Christ such as to quality for Christian service.
  3. Completion of all required hours of study and other requirements such as Field Education and/or Dissertation as outlined and explained in the program of study for each degree program.
  4. The final two semesters of both programs offered must be taken at United Westminster University
  5. All financial obligations the University must be settled.