Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Ministry

General Objective

This program is designed to increase the effectiveness of pastors. It is built upon the biblical, theological, and professional foundations of the Master of Divinity degree. This program concentrates on developing expertise in the theory and practice of ministry. The D.Min. is the highest professional degree for those engaged in local church ministries, world missions, and similar ministries.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must hold the Bachelor of Arts degree or its equivalent and the Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent. A minimum grade point average of B (3.0) on work toward the Master of Divinity degree is ordinarily required. Greek or Hebrew is required.

All applicants must have been engaged in a recognized form of professional ministry for at least three years after receiving their Master of Divinity degree and are expected to reflect competence and growth in ministry as a result of their professional experience. They are expected to continue their practice of full-time ministry for the duration of their Doctor of Ministry program.

An interview with a faculty member of UWU is required. This will be arranged through the school office.

Graduation Requirements

All D.Min. students are required to complete 45 semester hours with a grade point average of 3.3 and with no grade below a B counting toward the degree. The 36 hours of course work must include 6 core courses and 6 elective courses.


Nine units of a dissertation, minimum 180 pages, on a topic selected in consultation with the student’s academic advisor, must be completed and approved by three examiners. The criteria of acceptability for this dissertation are, in order of weight, (1) significant research in and contribution to the field of study, (2) in-depth knowledge of the area of research, and (3) clear, concise presentation according to proper grammar, style, and academic format. A previously written work, or one which has already been awarded academic credit, will not be accepted.


Course Requirements

Core Courses
  • DM 701 Theology of Ministry (3)
  • DM 702 Applied Theology (3)
  • DM 703 Leadership (3)
  • DM 704 Church Growth
  • DM 779 Theological Foundations for Ministry (3)
  • DM 800 The Doctoral Project and Research Methodologies (3)
Elective Courses
  • DM 709 Worship in Contemporary Culture (3)
  • DM 710 Worship (3)
  • DM 711 Pastoral Counseling (3)
  • DM 712 Church Education (3)
  • DM 713 Conflict Management (3)
  • DM 714 Expository Preaching (3)
  • DM 715 Revitalizing Preaching (3)
  • DM 716 Church Planting and Development (3)
  • DM 717 Small Group Ministry (3)
  • DM 719 Church Revitalization (3)
  • DM 741 Pastoral Ministry to Leaders (3)
  • DM 751 Preaching the Gospel in a Postmodern World (3)
  • DM 754 The Prevailing Church (3)
  • DM 763 Risk Management and Ministry (3)
  • DM 764 Puritan Theology and Ministry (3)
  • DM 768 The Reformers and Christian Ministry: Reshaping God’s People in the Past and Present (3)
  • DM 771 Theologians of the 20th Century (3)
  • DM 777 Preaching from the Old Testament (3)
  • DM 778 Reformed Piety: Principles and Practices (3)